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With the success of Grameen Bank's credit program, most NGOs in Bangladesh have introduced credit and savings program for their members. They have experimented various models in Bangladesh (BRAC, ASA, BURO Bangladesh & TMSS etc.). Unfortunately, the world has not heard much about the country’s experience. In this context, CDF has an opportunity to explore all the best practices at home and abroad. There are different types and a lot of successful (micro-financial service delivery) evidences, which have been in practice for last two decades in Bangladesh, such as to reach the hard-core poor, the scaling up people, urban poor, group or joint responsibility/liability, open savings mobilization mechanism, financial sustainability, and specific sub-sectoral or professional groups, etc.

CDF believes that inter exchange of ideas and holding dialogues are the best ways to ensure information flow. The exposure visits are also intended to work as cross fertilization of ideas.

1.1.1 Goal and objectives:
The purpose of exposure visit is to orient the development practitioners around the world about important microfinance and rural development experiences. Thus, the visits will enable to:
i.  conceptualize the poverty situation in Bangladesh.
ii. acquaint the participants with the rural development approaches and strategies
of poverty alleviation in Bangladesh.
iii. brief on the operational procedures of different successful NGOs in the country.
iv. share different experiences/case studies in the field of rural development.
1.1.2 Contents:
Major contents are: socio-economic condition analysis, development approaches and strategies of NGOs and government, programs of different potential microfinance program of NGOs and sharing successful and failure learning of micro-finance programs in Bangladesh
1.1.3 Duration:
The course duration will be 10-15 days (excluding arrival and departure days). All participants should arrive at least one day before the course starts and schedule their departure one day after the course ends. The course will consist of two days for theoretical discussion, six days for field visit and two days for sharing and reflection.
1.1.4 Visitor/participants:
The exposure visit is designed for senior and mid level development professionals responsible for decision making, program planning and implementation and who are involved in designing or planning and implementing microfinance program & Micro enterprise Program. Each participant is advised to bring a country-profile (2-3 pages) and an organizational profile (3-4 pages). The country profile should include area, population, topography, people, socio-economic condition, poverty situation etc. The organizational profile should include a write up about the organization, its evolution, major activities, organizational strength, its experiences in development intervention, etc.
1.1.5 Language:
The course will be conducted in English. Interpretation in other languages may be arranged on request by the participants.
1.1.6 Travel requirements:
The confirmed participants will be formally invited by CDF with a copy to the nearest Bangladesh High Commission/Embassy to obtain their visa.
1.1.7 Financial Assistance:
Participants should arrange their own finances to participate the exposure visit. CDF will not be able to arrange any sponsorship.
1.1.8 Weather: Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate characterized by rain bearing winds, warm temperatures and high humidity. The country has mainly four seasons: Winter (Dec.-Feb.), Summer (Mar-May), Monsoon (June-Sept.) and Autumn (Oct.- Nov.).
1.1.9 Technical cooperation and consultancy support:
The aim of CDF is to develop an effective micro financial management model and to build up the capacity of NGOs, so that they can run and manage their program (micro-finance) effectively and efficiently. CDF implements all of its programs through self- equipped units such as communication, training, technical assistance and research with its own team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals. CDF has also a panel of external micro-finance practitioner experts who supplement the in-house expertise in the execution of multi-disciplinary assignments.
1.1.10 The objectives of consultancy services are to:
Conduct need assessment, provide specific issue related training to the intending organizations, assist different types of document preparation, provide hands-on support, develop supervisory and monitoring checklist and develop MIS and program implementation tools
Consultancy fees & costs:
i.      CDF charges minimum US $ 150 per day per resource person as fee.
ii. Airfare, accommodation, local transportation and food cost to be paid by inviting organization.
iii.      Along others, CDF charges US $ 1,500 for each course as service fee.
 iv.     Each team 05-10 persons per day per person Professional fees @ US$ 35. Cost for food & accommodation may be paid off by you on actual basis & Transportation cost bear by team/participants.
v.       Each team 11-15 persons per day per person Professional fees @ US$ 30. Cost for food & accommodation may be paid off by you on actual basis & Transportation cost bear by team/participants.
vi.     Each team 16-25 persons per day per person Professional fees @ US$ 25. Cost for food & accommodation may be paid off by you on actual basis & Transportation cost bear by team/participants.
vii.    Each team 26-30 persons per day per person Professional fees @ US$ 20. Cost for food & accommodation may be paid off by you on actual basis & Transportation cost bear by team/participants.


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