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Good governance is an urge for effective administration and management. Awareness of corporate governess has grown rapidly worldwide in recent year due to increased legislative and regulatory activities as well as evolving best practice recommendations. CDF Governance composes of a General Body that provides policy guidelines and direction for proper functioning of CDF and a Governing Body that formulates policies and provides guidelines for operation of the organization.

 General Body

CDF General Body is a pool of professional resources in the field of poverty alleviation, income generation, nation building and social work. The General Body provides policy guidelines and direction for proper functioning of CDF. It meets once a year to review and approve Annual Budget and put forward to the Governing Body. The General Body as at 31 September 2013 consisted of 36 members.


Governing Body

The Governing Body provides leadership and direction to the management, approves strategic and major policy decisions and oversees management to attain goal and objectives of the organization with special emphasis on safeguarding the interest of its stakeholders. CDF has a 9-member Governing Body (chairman, a vice-chairman, treasurer and 6 members).The Governing Body is elected at every 3 years.


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