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    TOP 50 MFIs IN BANGLADESH 2016-2017
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     Networking & Advocacy

Networking and Advocacy have become an important means to pursue policy and strategy change of emerging issues in the microfinance sector. CDF thinks that government agencies, central bank, regulatory authority, commercial banks, and donors need to be sensitized and lobbied to ensure broad-based sector development program. With this aim in view, CDF strives to carry out activities for influencing and sensitizing the planners, decision makers and the opinion builders towards a conducive and an enabling environment for sustainable microfinance operation.


Considering the overarching demand CDF have been simultaneously providing networking and support services to the MF-NGOs for their effective and efficient operation. There is no denying that many of these MF-NGOs in the country possess substantial potentialities to successfully run poverty alleviation programs. But the successful operational hinges on the following aspects: a. Proper initiatives to organize the MF-NGOs b. Provide guidance to ensure quality services c. Advocacy for congenial policy frame work d. Initiative to share information and experiences e. Resource mobilization

Advocacy refers to those activities that are used for educating, influencing as well as sensitizing the planners, decision-makers and the opinion builders for creating a conducive atmosphere and an enabling environment for effective microfinance operations in the country. CDF undertakes advocacy at different levels viz. government, donors, Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA), financial institutions and NGOs etc. Advocacy is public goods as CDF cannot earn anything from this. CDF has been sensitizing the policymakers in the government, donors, NGO-MFIs and the financial institutions on various issues relevant to the promotion and development of microfinance. Of these, the regulatory framework on microfinance is most important. CDF held many workshops and seminars in this context. It also sensitized its partners on the need of good governance. CDF's senior officials frequently sit with Government, MRA and NGO-MFI officials to discuss the possibilities of collaboration and building up relationship. Numerous meetings and discussions have taken place with the respective officials of Bangladesh Bank, Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA), different commercial Banks and PKSF. CDF exchanged views from time to time with the Top twenty MFIs Chief Executives like Grameen Bank, BRAC, PROSHIKA, ASA about CDF's stand on the regulatory and other issues. The senior executives of CDF met the Governor of Bangladesh Bank at his office and discussed various issues viz. regulatory framework for microfinance NGOs, NGO-Bank collaboration, introducing credit rating in Bangladesh, protection of savings of the poor people accumulated by NGO-MFIs and performance standard of microfinance programs. Current activities of CDF were also shared in the meeting. The Governor appreciated the activities of CDF and the initiatives taken on the above issues, which he felt, would immensely contribute to the promotion of microfinance industry. Based on the need and experience, it


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