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     Institutional Overview

Credit and Development Forum (CDF) is the national Microfinance Network in Bangladesh has been contributing to the institutional & knowledge based capacity building of MFIs, sectoral research, networking, advocacy & lobbying, information disseminations, financial sector linkages and organizing experience sharing events at home and abroad on microfinance.

CDF Established 

February 18, 1992
GoalPromotion and development of microfinance in the country
VisionCDF’s vision is to contribute towards achieving, “Sustainable reduction of poverty in Bangladesh through development of an efficient microfinance industry.”
MissionEfficient microfinance industry through striking a balance between outreach and sustainability.·   CDF works with the institutions striving for economic changes of the underprivileged people;·   Poverty reduction initiatives undertaken so far have bypassed many of the poorest. In this perspective CDF’s main focus is the hard core poor;·   Poverty reduction interventions require strong dedication to learning, sharing of knowledge and should be responsive to the needs of the target group. For these, CDF awards strong emphasis on organizational development of the micro finance institutions, simultaneously upgrading its capacity on  a national scale to accelerate its emancipation;·   CDF’s mission requires competent professionals committed to the visions and values of the organization. CDF therefore postulates development of human potential of its professionals and the member organizations they serve;·   In order to achieve its goal, CDF consolidates efforts of the likeminded organizations , govt. institutions and the development partners both at home and abroad           ·   Finally CDF have continuous efforts to assist the growth of a progressive, resourceful and pro-poor microfinance industry operating under a supportive regulatory framework in healthy competition.
ValuesCDF treats all of its linkage members equally. It maintains non-political, non-religious and non-communal spirit in all of its activities. It strives for the progressiveness in the micro-finance sector. Working for the poverty-stricken people in a sustainable manner is its basic value
Objectives·         To ensure support to use potentialities of MFIs for a healthy microfinance sector·         To assist MFIs in improving competencies for providing effective microfinance services to the poor and extreme poor·         To facilitate enabling environment for MF practitioners·         To establish linkage with bank and thereby, provide MFIs collateral-free access to financial resources through offering repayment guarantee.·         To strengthen network and advocacy to change policy and strategy issues towards effective poverty reduction.  


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